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Honeygain is an app that has been getting a lot of attention lately because of its high payouts and extremely passive nature. They buy your unused bandwidth on your home Wi-Fi network and sell it to Fortune 500 companies and scientific groups who need it. The software only uses your unused data so there's never a worry that it will interfere with your normal activities. The app runs in the background of your devices and also has the option to sell bandwidth from your mobile data plan. If, at anytime you aren't interested in selling your limited mobile data , simply switch it off in the settings. Honeygain also offers another way to earn with content delivery which is a separate way to earn alongside selling bandwidth . Simply enable content delivery on your desktop to help businesses and data scientists and earn an extra .06$ every hour its active. Content delivery is currently only available on desktop devices but in the future may be implemented onto mobile devices also. Honeygain allows 2 devices per IP address any more then that and the software will work less efficiently as the network becomes overused . They also offer the ability to have multiple IP addresses but, you can only have one account per user. Your earnings can vary depending on your network speed, IP addresses, device amounts and content delivery but you might expect to earn up to $150 a month doing absolutely nothing! Earning money has never felt so easy! Download Honeygain and use the code "gethoney" upon signing up to receive 5$ free! Get started building your hive today!