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HideoutTV is a platform where creators upload entertaining videos which you can watch while earning points for every ad you watch! There is a wide selection of videos to choose from and new videos are uploaded everyday, so there is never a boring moment on HideoutTV. Every ad you watch is worth around 3.5 points which is equal to about a third of a penny. Although it may not seem like a lot at first, the ads play often and all day, which can add up quickly.

HideoutTV also offers a mobile app that has all the same videos but offers another way for you to earn even more points from your mobile device. If you have an Amazon Fire Stick you can also earn points by using their Amazon Fire TV app which runs passively on your Smart TV.  The app pays out ads consistently no matter what time of day it is. To earn the most points, use all of their applications at the same time. All of HideoutTV's applications are 90 - 100% passive but there are inactivity checks every few hours. To redeem your points, you will have to link one of your rewards site accounts to redeem the points through. Every website offers different exchange rates for HideoutTV points so choose the rewards site which gives the best exchange rate to maximize earnings. The average exchange rate for HideoutTV points is .7 -.8 of a penny for every 10 points . Sign up today at HideoutTV to begin enjoying great content and get paid for it!