Why am I not getting ads while watching videos?

Go to your site settings on the left of the website url and enable Flash, Javascript, and allow ads then save. You will begin receiving ads and getting paid!

Are all of the websites legit and safe to use?

Yes, we only show the best earners and most legit sites in the GPT world. 

How much can I expect to earn from doing this?

The amount you earn is based entirely on how much work you want to put into completing offers and providing services.

My device is running slow and the ads are crashing or not loading how do I fix this?

It is important to clear your cache at least once a day on each device you're using. Over time the cache gets full and your performance will be noticeably effected. To clear your cache go to your history and select "clear browser data" then only select to "clear the cache" the bottom option. Another great way to improve your device's performance is to restart it.